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composed by Eri Chichibu 

“Kaeru” means frog in Japanese. The piece was inspired by both the real world as well as Eri’s imaginary aquatic world. The piece aims to capture the playful, waterside adventures of small creatures. Take a little break, and enjoy this cute little fantasy world that may exist somewhere around you.


Concept/Composer/Piano: Eri Chichibu

Bass: Charlie Lincoln

Drums: Eyal Gurvich

Recording/Mixing Engineer: Xian You Ong (Oxy)

Assistant Engineer: Tessa Ying, Anthony Nguyen

Videographer/Video Editor: Peter Xiong

Graphics: Eri Chichibu

 ©Eri Chichibu

Crossing Reality

composed by Eri Chichibu (2018)

Sometime this past summer I started working on a composition in that place between sleep and wakefulness. The process itself became an inspiration for the piece—reality and fantasy, fact and memory, experience and imagination, chaos and release... They appear to be polar opposites, but everything swirls and crosses in the mind, allowing us to experience these ideas as our own reality.


Composer/Piano: Eri Chichibu

Trumpet: Will Trueblood

Alto Sax: Kei Matsumaru Tenor Sax: Yu Kuga

Trombone: Ethan Santos

Baritone Sax: Chris Allison

Guitar: Timothy Johnson

Bass: Masaaki Saito

Drums: Kelvin Andreas


Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer: Enoch Cheng

Videographer: Dave Lee  ©Eri Chichibu

dreams of the wind

composed by Eri Chichibu (2017)

Does wind have a mind? Does it dream?

Where does it want to go? Whom does it want to see?

What if I were wind..? 

What if you were wind..?

Composer/Piano: Eri Chichibu

Violin: Seoyeon Im

Flugelhorn: Milena Casado

Alto sax: Kei Matsumaru

Guitar: Timothy Johnson

Bass: Charlie Lincoln

Drums: Eyal Gurvich


Recording Engineer/Mixing : Jacob Achorn  

Mastering/Editing: Tim Liao, Kaito Ando

Videographer: Yuki Nakata

Special Thanks: Hyun Joo Chough

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